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Credit Card USB

Shop online for the high quality credit card USB with low price from our factory. Our credit card USB is featured by creative design, excellent quality and competitive price. Come and the get the free sample from us.
This novel credit card USB has a beautiful look and high quality and is ideal for data storage, data backup and computer file transfer. In addition, this is great for friends or relatives. Suitable for school or work purposes.
Credit Card USB is a plug-and-play USB 2.0 transmission flash drive with a large amount of data access. We also offer 3D color printing technology so you can have a unique style.
Credit card USB can be used as a company souvenir, a manufacturer's promotional gifts, and various food gifts. USB as a peripheral product of a computer, especially a storage product, its portable design will be the most value-for-money product for enterprises.
It has the function of supporting hot plugging function and small size; the shape of the business card is thinned and can be carried in the pocket or wallet, which is convenient to use and can transfer data between any personal computer.
1. the original FLASH flash memory chip, ultra-stable technology, advanced production process production. Optional capacity is large.
2. The speed of reading and writing data is fast.
3. support partition encryption, can add encryption, partition function, boot disk function.
4. standard USB2.0 interface, no need for drivers, plug and play, hot swappable USB flash drive.5. Can print customer logo and provide gift packaging according to customer requirements.
6. We provide professional development of mold services, customized personalized U disk according to customer requirements.
As a corporate gift, a gift, promote the company's corporate culture;
Electronic promotional cards for exhibitions, product launches, investment conferences, etc.
Keep the USB away from the damp, dusty environment
Do not violently hit the USB to prevent the built-in circuit components from falling off
Please use the correct way to disconnect from the computer after using USB.
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