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What Is The Lithium Polymer Batteries? What Kinds Can Select?

Lithium polymer battery and 18650 battery is the biggest difference between lithium-polymer battery can make a variety of forms, we see the appearance of the strange power in the market most are Li-polymer batteries. Lithium polymer batteries while not large in volume, but the volume is not smaller than the 18650 batteries, instead most of the time than an equal volume of size 18650 batteries.

Lithium-polymer batteries connected in parallel

As compared with the previous battery, lithium-polymer battery with high energy, small size, light weight and many other advantages. And lithium-polymer batteries do not have a fixed capacity and size does not depend on the size so it was favoured by some manufacturers doing some specific mobile power.

Various forms of lithium polymer battery

A lithium-polymer battery is silvery-white appearance alone, outside of the battery will be charging and discharging of the battery voltage, battery capacity and other information, we typically see lithium-polymer batteries are blue, yellow, red and other colors of plastic-wrapped, this is because you need to parallel or series.

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