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USB To Carry Circuit Overload Protection

In today's era, many people are in the phone's poison, Xiao Bian almost count a serious patient it, when the phone is not full grid power out, the total feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, so often when driving while driving edge USB interface to the phone charge, but sometimes just pulled the data line to show the lack of electricity, this time the heart is crash, so a practical high car charger is very important.

Even if the original car has a USB interface is best to buy a car charger

Now, almost every new car at the factory have been accompanied by the original USB interface, to be honest, this charge is basically slow so that you can not stand, and can also be barely strong mobile phone, if the flat plate and the like Do not expect to be able to recharge into the number of electricity.

In fact,USB this and the USB interface, the size of the power supply there is a relationship, mainly here is a misunderstanding, the general car USB interface is used for data transmission, so the interface current is only 0.5A or so ,USB The voltage is only 5V, so the phone when charging, but also the reaction, but the speed of charging is still relatively slow, if the side of the phone while playing the phone, there will be out of the situation, because the voltage and current is too low, so the best Buy a cigarette lighter on the charge head.

First of all, absolutely can not seek cheap, the best choice of brand products, generally recommended to 20 yuan or more, qualified car charger is the most important thing to bring the circuit overload protection, so that if the circuit short circuit, it can cut off the power,USB Can protect the power supply and charging equipment, not to their detrimental, and some small manufacturers in the production of time in order to reduce costs, it is directly connected with the "insurance" so it is possible to cause the phenomenon can not be stable,USB steady flow, likely to cause charging Equipment and charging equipment overheating, neither safe nor bad charging equipment.

So, Xiao Bian solemnly stressed in this proposal, do not covet cheap, cheap things there will be some hidden dangers, a qualified car charger,USB the sales price is generally more than 20 yuan,USB for their own mobile phone charging Safe, more of their own security, do not figure the province that a few dollars, otherwise, more harm than good ah.

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