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USB Reliability Of Strong Electrical Connections

Now there is a USB charging function of the plug-in, charging current in the 1a-2 1A, but for less than 1a-2 1A mobile phone can cause harm?

Now the popularity of smartphones also allows the USB interface to be unified, not only mobile phones, including a lot of equipment are also unified use of USB interface as a connection charger interface. The unification of USB interface also derived another life tool, that is, USB insert. Does not need the charger to be able to give the handset and so on the equipment charge function greatly facilitates user's use. However, users in the use of the process, always on the USB insert a trace of distrust, then the USB charge can be hurt to the cell phone?

Now the mainstream mobile phones in the market will often come with a power management chip, through the power management chip on the charging device voltage, current level monitoring, if the input voltage, USB  the input current too high or too low, the system will automatically error, and if the mobile phone can accept the current voltage fluctuation up and down, For mobile phone batteries, the loss of the battery is relatively low.

But the loss of the rated capacity of mobile phone battery is not only due to the reason of cell phone charging, but the loss of cell capacity is divided into its own reasons and external factors.

1. Battery because the use of long time will lead to internal electrode aging, electrolyte decomposition and oxidation, diaphragm damage, resulting in cell phone battery rated capacity drop.

2. External factors are due to the rapid charge and discharge, USB  the current density is too large, negative polarity polarization.

3. The other reason is that the battery operating temperature will affect the stability of organic electrolytes, as well as long-term deep charge and discharge, and external shocks and collisions, USB  these reasons combined to eventually lead to the overall decline in battery rated capacity.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the combination of strong electricity and weak power equipment recommended that users try not to use, although these devices can pass the common safety standards, USB  is a legitimate sales of products, but the strong power or weak any part of the damage will affect the other part. Because the USB power supply module must occupy a large enough space in the insert row to accommodate two of USB AC/DC conversion circuit, because the layout of the panel itself does not play, USB  it is bound to these extra things to seize the space behind the panel, very easy to affect the reliability of strong electrical connection.

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