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Power Bank Quality Is Important

Not to say that the charge can easily use the treasure! If you do not use the standard, still fried to see you! So, what can be considered a standard use of rechargeable treasure?

1 Do not charge for long periods of time

It is best not to charge for a long time, and do not use the phone while charging to reduce the probability of explosion.

02 Please place in a ventilated place to avoid sun exposure

Charging Po is also very "squeamish", must be placed in a ventilated, dry place, not in the overheated, humid environment to use and save, not in the sun exposure or exposure to fire.

03 cheap no good goods, please buy regular products

Choose to charge the treasure is very critical, do not buy cheap but very large capacity of the product, there may be security risks, the purchase must be through the formal channels to buy.

04 There is an exception

Usually pay more attention to the appearance of charging Po, if there are abnormal phenomena such as drums, then do not use, and immediately for a new one.

05 Avoid heavy vibration

Usually a good point on the charger, do not use it brutal way to treat it, usually pay attention not to pressure, Meng drop, so as not to charge when the short circuit and other dangerous fire.

06 Avoid frequent use

The use of rechargeable treasure not too frequent, too frequent words will shorten the life of the charge, and will increase the risk of danger.

07 as far as possible with the original plug

Charge the plug as far as possible with the original, or buy and charge the same parameters of the charging plug, adapter, etc., so as to ensure the safety of its use.

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