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Power Bank High Color, Color Dazzle

Super high-value rechargeable treasure, Power Bankcolor, love excellent!

Every woman wants to be young forever, and it is said that the young secret is to keep a girl's heart forever. Can be busy daily work and life, whether you still have a colorful girl mentality! In order to evoke the female girl's girl heart, so that female friends to enjoy more exciting, better mobile Internet life. Charger Po special to create a superior color, the body out of the bright, bright and colorful mobile power. It is reported that this movement of countless girls heart mobile power, allowing female friends to feel the vitality of youth and color, enjoy the same charging experience.

High value, color dazzling, beautiful appearance sprout girl heart

Every girl is expected to have a fairy tale world, such as crystal shoes as beautiful things, beautiful clothes, lovely jewelry, even mobile digital devices, but also have exclusive girls unique temperament. Charger Po mobile power as a specifically for the girls to build mobile power, its two-color injection molding shell, emitting a dream crystal texture, in the 360 side alloy side of the package even more escape Smart. Charging Po super high value, absolutely have the strength of numerous girls pouring.

However, in addition to shape and material, Power Bankof small body and brilliant colors the same charm. It is reported that the size of the charge treasure only powder box size, its lightweight and good body, not only portable and more in line with the girls temperament. It is worth mentioning that, such as the general color of candy is the best girl endorsement, sweet dream fans, high cold mysterious blue, fresh vitality of the green, pure snow white, there is always a suitable for you.

More efficient, more secure, perfect intimate care

As a specifically for the female friends to build mobile power products, Power Banknot only the appearance of fine, its inherent superior. It is reported that the use of a new generation of high-density LG batteries, the capacity of its 10000 mA, in addition, the charge of Po-efficient dual USB output design, can achieve intelligent matching, through the maximum 5V / 2.1A adaptive output current, while the phone, Pad Charging, the charging speed performance is also very good.

Girls in the choice of her boyfriend when the security is definitely an important consideration, select the mobile power is also true. Charger Po has multiple intelligent protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, regulator protection, thermal protection, intelligent polarity reverse protection, multiple security line, absolutely can let you safe and worry to enjoy the charge The Of course, the charge is not only high security, its compatibility is also very good, it can be compatible with 99% of the market digital equipment for Apple, Samsung, HTC, millet and other brands of full range of products charge for digital cameras, MP3, MP4 , Tablet PCs and other digital equipment to provide electricity.

The world is so big, the spring so good, full of vigor and vitality of the female friends to go out to play the mood must be particularly urgent. However, with a heavy and boring mobile power can highlight your temperament girl temperament it It does not matter, Power Bankmobile power to create a bright debut, with this colorful, compact, rich mobile power, accompanied by your travel life will be better, your mobile digital life will be more exciting. And so what, as soon as possible to charge the baby mobile home to take it!

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