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Power Bank Feel More Comfortable, More Fashionable

The emergence of Power Bank, at this stage will undoubtedly ease the use of intelligent terminal power shortage problem, Power Bank easy to carry, mobile features brought us a great convenience. Power Bank is now a portable product, in ensuring the product capacity on the basis of how to reduce the size of the product, so that the product is more miniaturization, easy to carry Power Bank appearance is one of the trend of technological innovation! Second, how to use the advanced industrial design concept, and even the humanistic concept used in Power Bank design, so that Power Bank feel more comfortable, more fashionable, but also Power Bank technology innovation trend.

Refers to the need for USB cable plug, do not use the power cord to connect the socket, you can walk outdoors to achieve portable wireless power supply. It and the wireless charger has a great nature of the difference.

The principle of wireless charging Power Bank: in the traditional Power Bank on the basis of the increase in wireless charging function. In function equivalent to a Power Bank and a wireless charger integration.

Since the wireless charging requires a transmitter and a receiver, the Power Bank is so wirelessly charged. The Power Bank supply is equipped with a transmission device on the basis of a conventional Power Bank source, and the charged handset must be a receiving coil that supports wireless charging and has a wireless charging. In the case where there is a coil at the transmitting and receiving terminals, the transmitting end coil is connected to the wired power source to generate an electromagnetic signal, and the receiving coil receives the electromagnetic signal at the transmitting end to generate a current to charge the battery.

The core technology of Power Bank is to give the phone when the discharge current and voltage curve is smooth, it is related to whether it will damage the important technical indicators of the charging device, the discharge curve test must look at the third party authority test report.

For Power Bank, it has a certain emergency function, in a large number of digital power supply can not be stored in the case, you can power through some devices, so that digital products to achieve the normal work results. Such as the emergence of solar Power Bank market, hand-cranked Power Bank, intelligent machine standby power.

Power Bank technology refers to the product design into the consumer's public or small minority of the aesthetic. As a portable and has a certain function of electronic products, consumers pay attention to the appearance of its aesthetics, so the mainstream manufacturers not only increase the battery power management technology innovation, but also increase in line with the aesthetic appearance of consumer product development research and development The

1, security is the first to ensure that: buy Power Bank products, we must choose the formal brand of products, so that quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

2, the main role of Power Bank is to mobile phones and other digital products charge, technical level analysis, is the discharge current and voltage curve index data, theoretically the more smooth the discharge curve is a straight line, it means that the phone and other products when charging The better the protection performance, the battery life will be longer, the discharge curve beating very large is usually easy to damage the phone, so the brand mobile phones are recommended to use its brand of charger.

3, the appearance of Power Bank.

4, Power Bank charging Po related certification: electronic product certification, a Power Bank with the relevant certification, indicating that this mobile phone Power Bank products meet the relevant standards.

5, mobile phone power supply practicality: the power of Power Bank products from thousands to tens of thousands of milliamperes very much, how do we choose to suit their own? It needs to know how much of its own needs, if we only occasionally use Power Bank, then for the 10,000 mA Power Bank, do not need to consider, because the greater the capacity of Power Bank prices will be high, and we actually use Less than it's all the power, which caused a waste, so it is recommended that everyone according to their own needs to choose Power Bank recharge Po.

6, additional features: select the Power Bank, is to require it for our mobile phones and other digital products to increase life.

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