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Many people have such a question, if my cell phone battery capacity is 1500MAH, the use of 4400MAH Power Bankation Liquid to the phone charge, is not able to charge 2.9 times (4400 divided by 1500)? In fact, this is not the case, the following By the Shenzhen Power Bankation Liquid custom manufacturers for your analysis is how to calculate the number of mobile phone power to the phone:

 (1) must first be clear that the Power Bankation Liquid of the number of times the calculation of the number of charges is wrong, do not simply use the Power Bankation Liquid battery capacity divided by cell phone battery capacity.

    (2) the capacity of all Power Bankation Liquid products identified by the internal lithium-ion battery capacity is not the size of the Power Bankation Liquid to the battery can not be released when the capacity.

    (3) the battery voltage of the communication equipment or digital product is nominal 3.7V, the full charge is 4.2V, and the nominal voltage of the built-in lithium ion battery of the Power Bankation Liquid supply is 3.7V, the full charge is 4.2V, the voltage range of the Power Bankation Liquid It is not directly charge the battery.

    (4) Power Bankation Liquid manufacturers launched the life of the master in the circuit on the optimal design, the charge loss to a minimum, the optimal conversion efficiency.

    (5) Power Bankation Liquid must be built-in intelligent boost circuit, the Power Bankation Liquid built-in polymer battery voltage automatically boost to the external charging device required charging voltage, usually 4.2V-5V, the boost of this process will Resulting in a part of the loss, coupled with the process of charging the circuit and the connector has a part of the capacity loss, so the capacity of the Power Bankation Liquid output is not built-in polymer battery capacity so high.

    So, according to the analysis of the situation, some friends believe that the calculation of Power Bankation Liquid to the phone to charge the number of times, that is, directly to the Power Bankation Liquid capacity by the capacity of mobile phone battery to get the number of times, this calculation is not correct The

      In view of the current domestic industry there is no official industry standards and industry norms, businesses have launched a certification competition, in addition to we all know the 3C certification and CE certification, businesses have to expand the field of certification competition abroad. Now basically every Power Bankation Liquid can see the CE certification, ROHS certification, FCC certification, etc., but these are actually no real practical significance, the product does not depend on the quality of these certification, or business conscience of the most important.

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