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Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Good Sound Quality, Good Flexibility

Here to introduce the speaker used under the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s.

There are many types of speakers, but the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s are basically moving coil, the principle is to have a current line and magnetic lines perpendicular to the magnetic pole between the north and south, the line will be subject to magnetic lines and current both The role of moving, in a diaphragm attached to the root line, with the current changes in the diaphragm to produce before and after the movement. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker  speakers are divided into internal and external magnetic type, because the external magnetic type is cheap, usually more than external magnetic type. But the magnetic leakage less magnetic, distortion is relatively small, the cost will be expensive, the vast majority of Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s are used in the magnetic type.

Speaker system consists of three parts: ① vibration system, including cone-shaped cone, voice coil and centering tablets, etc .; ② magnetic circuit system, including Yongyi magnet, magnetic plate and field pillars; ③ auxiliary system, including Basin frame, wiring board, pressure side and dust cover and so on.

Speaker speakers on the magnet are common ferrite magnets and NdFeB magnets. Ordinary ferrite magnets are generally used primarily for low-grade products to resist sound quality. NdFeB magnets for high-end Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s, first-class sound quality, good flexibility, the details of the performance is good, good human voice, sound field positioning accuracy.

The power of the horn is related to the voice coil of the magnet and the speaker

The caliber of the horn: affects the stiffness factor, thus controlling the low frequency characteristic, is proportional.

Speaker material: affect the sound quality.

 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s as a recent product soon, because the user experience less, coupled with some manufacturers technology is not mature, resulting in Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s often have a variety of problems today Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the various problems and solutions The

1, the crash phenomenon: This should be the most portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s appear, this situation only in the card plus Bluetooth machine will appear, pure Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s basically do not have this problem. The main problem is the speaker audio decoding MCU micro-control error code, the key operation error and battery voltage is low when the battery automatically protected. The emergence of these problems only need to press the reset button (RESET) on it, if it is often crashed that the speaker itself is a problem with the quality.

2, Bluetooth connectivity problems: This main problem is mainly reflected in the search for Bluetooth signals, the link is not on, the Bluetooth connection distance is short, the connection successfully play music appeared Caton, connected after the break chain and connected after the phone to play music speakers no sound. These problems are mainly Bluetooth chip and mobile phone problems, these problems can be encountered through these attempts:

1) first check the speaker under the power is low, full of electricity in the try.

2) mobile phones and speakers are restarted under the re-paired.

3) change the phone in the redistribution try.

4) encountered a short connection time can change the phone or a place in the link test.

5) appears connected successfully speaker no sound, you can click the phone's Bluetooth device click on the right

Side of the button to see if the phone audio and media audio are connected successfully. If these methods are tried or can not solve the problem, it shows that the Bluetooth chip is a problem, then you look at what the speaker with the chip, whether the chip quality is poor.

3, Bluetooth handsfree call function: encountered Bluetooth hands-free call quality is not good sound or voice is too small and other issues is mainly a Bluetooth chip problem, the current recognized the best Bluetooth chip is the best quality of the British CSR chip call. There is the problem of circuit design, when consumers encounter this problem basically can not solve, only after the sale.

4, endurance: This is to see the battery, compared to the standard business card battery capacity, marked playback time and their actual playing time together can basically understand the battery situation.

5, broken sound: broken sound problem is generally two cases is a speaker itself is a broken voice Another problem is the song, as long as repeated testing a few songs you can know, especially with a few commonly used classic Test the song.

6, the water: Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker s as long as the water is basically water is finished, and if there are lucky for the main program without water, on the sun or sunscreen with a hair dryer blowing in the look.

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