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Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Easy To Carry

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker, since it is outdoor Bluetooth speaker, the quality can not be poor, work requirements will be much higher than the average Bluetooth speakers. Outside the poor conditions. Waterproof, shockproof, anti-dust that is necessary. Sound quality, especially the volume to be large, outdoor noisy sound, so the volume must be too big to hear. Friends around say, outdoor Bluetooth speakers - outdoor portable Bluetooth speakers, select it, true value! Is the mule out of yara yo!

The overall product gives the feeling that the head is a bit big. Appearance specifications 190 * 73 * 57mm, length and width exactly the same size and 6-inch mobile phone. High-quality materials to create thickened speaker net cover, from the front and back of the six reinforced screws fixed, more effective protection of the speaker. The product has a screw design, which is very rare in many series of products, the product is almost no screw design.

Hidden indicator red: flashing machine in the flash when prompted. The design of the hidden indicator light can effectively splash water.

Hidden Indicator Blue: Blinks when playing a song.

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker The bottom of the product label: model, voltage and the certification. Overall, matte treatment of the surface, black color, feel very comfortable. Work in the details of the deal in place.

The end of the speaker design has a hook. Usually hanging in the waist, feeling not light nor heavy, just right weight, outdoor use is very comfortable to carry. Outdoor can also be used in supporting the use of backpack. Embodies the human design of industrial designers.

Hook the work of fine, matte treatment of the surface. Hook the diameter of 6.05mm, do not have to worry about the reasons for the damage caused by the hook. Can be assured that there is no problem with the use. Hooks can also be used with single / double fingers.

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker Clawed waterproof silicone protective cover, a little pull back, and then slightly to the left side of the fold after the release, so waterproof silicone cover into a fixed 90 degrees open. This design is very reasonable.

All interfaces are on the fuselage side. The upper interface is Micro USB, charging voltage DC-5V. The following is a 3.5mm audio interface. Connect the way to play: Connect the Bluetooth function, connect the 3.5mm audio interface, that is, wireless and wired two kinds of connection playback.

Products at both ends of high-density ABS fire environmental protection materials. Anti-aging silicone wrapped around the thickness of the silicone is 6.35mm, to ensure better impact resistance, do not have to worry about outdoor bumps. With shock, anti-dust, waterproof IPX4 protection class.

Outdoor experience sound quality way:

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker The only two elements that affect the sound quality of the music: the equipment / listening environment. As the noise of the outdoors, noisy, car horn sound, sound into the ears under the influence of the environment, in order to hear the bass, can be imagined. So the midrange / treble is suitable for outdoor testing is more reasonable. In the choice of songs, I think we should choose the car CD music test more reasonable.

According to the car within the poor listening environment. In the recording of CD music on the car, the background sound processing is very balanced, when listening to people will be more concerned about the voice of people singing, the sound of the instrument is also very prominent. Its features are: clear treble, good overtones.

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