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Mini USB Security Issues Do Not Worry

With the ever-changing digital products, people increasingly strong demand for charging. But most people for the charge socket impression seems to still stay in the horizontal socket layout of traditional jackets ten years ago. Although the traditional socket is practical, but from the appearance can only use an uppercase "ugly" word to sum up. At this moment many people certainly have doubts, what kind of socket can be Xiaobian that is taste and beauty of it Today for everyone to bring a three-dimensional cube structure of the trendy products - socket. Let your charge have different poses.

Appearance, starting from breaking the routine

Mini USB socket size of 60 × 60 × 58mm, the size of about the same with the third-order cube, with the previous large plastic plate with horizontal layout of the socket put together, can be described as a clean of the socket sector. Really get the hands will only have a feeling, the original socket can be so simple and beautiful.

Although it is a small body but it has a big function, the top is equipped with three USB-specific interface. This design enough humane, taking into account the lost three often forget the charger users. The three ports of the single port maximum support 5V / 2.4A output, not only compatible with mobile phones, computers, cameras and other intelligent devices, the more magical is also based on the needs of digital products to adjust the current output rate of intelligent adjustment.

The normal placement of the socket, three sides are equipped with three GB jack. Even if the three electrical equipment are used three plugs, each socket will not interfere between. In the mini of the socket can do such a perfect layout, had to sigh the designer's talent.

Small body also has a big heart, just get the product will be suspected, such a small product, whether there is design space for the switch. After all, there is no switch, the socket will be a certain security risks. Mini USB socket at the top is a touch-type microswitch. In the open state will have blue light, very soft.

Details, starting from exquisite and delicate

Careful observation of some old sockets, is not difficult to find under the natural loss. The damage between the socket and the cable is often the biggest killer. This mini USB socket for this problem through its design for the protective cover, enough to see the intentions. 1cm protective holster can avoid the use of cable bending damage caused by the safety performance has also been greatly improved.

Regardless of the value of a thing, high sales are often accompanied by the user's high satisfaction. And high satisfaction and often accompanied by the product to the user to bring the comfort experience. Even a socket, you can also be refined and delicate. Mini USB socket on both sides of the plug there is a groove. Such a subtle design Many people may not agree. But in the actual use will make the plug can be more convenient when the effort. Details determine success or failure, for the high technological requirements, it is obvious.

The quality of the socket is not only related to durability, ornamental, the most important and safe. This socket is also very elegant shell, 750 anti-flame retardant PC material, even if the accident can also be delayed or even tissue burning. Socket the whole body of the process is very elegant, using a two-stage materials. The upper part of the use of the mirror material, the lower part of the use of delicate delicate matte material. The combination of the two, adding a sense of visual sense of hierarchy.

Quality, from the user experience

Actual use, the three AC jack rated current of 10A, rated power of 2500W, and the conventional socket is consistent, enough to deal with the vast majority of electrical equipment. As the design of the cube, making different electrical equipment can be more comfortable access to power, thus solving the problem of many electrical appliances because of the direction of the repeated bending damage to the wire. In use with more choices.

 Mini USB socket maximum output current of 3.1A, just to meet the iPhone for efficient charging, 5 heavy USB protection technology, you can prevent over-voltage, anti-overload, anti-short circuit, anti-contact and anti-overcurrent, its security issues do not worry

Many people travel often complain about the hotel socket is not enough or the location is not good, but carrying a socket and it is unexpected and inconvenient. Then the mini USB socket and solve a big problem of life. Such a short and pithy socket in the portability of the dominant. Travel, travel, even if only a portable bag is allowed to live it.

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