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Metal USB The Ability Of The Surface To Resist Oxidation And Rust

Metal USB cable plugs appear easy to rust phenomenon, and Metal USB data line plug plating layer has a direct relationship. Metal USB Plug Metal surface plating layer can reach the standard thickness and quality, it is not easy to rust. Plating layer is poor, it is easy to rust. The quality of electroplating layer is the ability to measure the corrosion resistance of metal surface.

Electroplating layer Antioxidant rust ability, the industry is defined by salt spray test to grade. 8-hour Salt spray test, 12-hour salt spray test, 24-hour salt spray test, and 48-hour salt spray test. The longer the salt spray test time, the stronger the ability to resist oxidation and rust, and it is not easy to rust.

In order to support all lines contained in the Metal USB3.0 cable, a new connector shape must be imposed. The basic requirement of the new Metal USB3.0 Connector is that it must be backward compatible with Metal USB2.0 connectors. From the point of view of electrostatic protection, this causes the ultra-high-speed mode of the standard a connector to be easily hit by electrostatic (both on the host side and on the device side). A powerful countermeasure is to implement an efficient electrostatic protection mechanism in Metal Metal USB links.

One of the most serious problems faced by ultra-high speed data transmission system is to ensure a certain degree of signal integrity at the receiving end. High signal integrity is very important to achieve very low BER (for example, for Metal USB3.0 Super Speed mode, typical ber is 1E-12). The eye graph shows the characteristics of signal integrity.

In a perfect system with unlimited bandwidth, the eye view is completely open. In the actual system, the transmitting and receiving impedance (90 ohm difference impedance) and all parasitic capacitors at the transmitter and receiver limit the signal's rising time/descent time. These parasitic capacitors exist in Metal Metal USB  Transceiver Internals, and/or PCB external. Mismatched PCB lines, Metal Metal USB connectors or other shunt capacitors, will cause external parasitic capacitance. Therefore, these additional shunt capacitors must be as small as possible. The low pass frequency response of the Metal USB cable must also be taken into account . In order to counteract the attenuation of high-frequency signals, a special equalizer can be used to adjust the signal at the transmitter and receiver terminals.

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