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Metal USB Meet The Needs Of Users In All Directions

In the more mature USB disk market, it is more difficult to be maverick. First need to have a very good upstream flash resources, followed by a thorough market research, judge the user's preferences, and finally has a sound production and after-sale system, these factors are indispensable. In order to meet the needs of users in all directions, the birth of metal flash drive just fine. Here Komori to recommend several hot USB3.0 Metal USB flash drive, a look. USB-Type connection El is widely used in digital electronic products. The structure consists of terminal terminals, wire rods, stamping parts and outer plastic. The production process is roughly divided into the following 3 steps:

(1) welding wire and terminals;

(2) Assembling terminals and stamping parts;

(3) Stamping parts and wire outside the plastic injection.

This paper mainly discusses the design and forming process of the plastic injection mold.

In the injection molding production, the main factor of effect is the efficiency of production, for which the class is embedded. And the back end has a wire die,Metal USB how to achieve the fast and accurate embedded parts. The workpiece is fast. Fast and safe removal is an important factor in determining the efficiency of its production.

According to the mold demoulding needs, the parting surface needs to be set at the maximum section of the plastic parts. Plastic parts at the bottom of the fillet,Metal USB it can not be set at the bottom of the plastic parts, need to be set in the middle of plastic parts. This setting for

Does not affect the appearance and use of plastic parts, we need to pay attention to mold manufacturing accuracy and injection parameters, as far as possible to reduce the marks left by the classification surface.

In the mold design, a four-cavity, one-time installation of inserts,Metal USB will inevitably affect the production efficiency, and because of the wire has been welded good, so placed inconvenience. Design a lower

Modular active inserts are used to locate and position embedded parts. The inserts are placed on the movable inserts outside the mould to avoid the situation of locating and time consuming when inserting inserts. Plastic parts surface is not allowed to leave the release of traces,Metal USB it can not be installed on the plastic parts ejector. In the lower mold movable inserts placed in the Groove Place 2 polyurethane elastic rubber, open die, elastic glue will

The lower mode movable inserts the top out, simultaneously brings out the workpiece.

USB Wire connector die with a four-cavity mold.

Outside the mold will be welded inserts (USB terminals and welded wire) inserted in the movable insert 3, clamping mechanism open, will be installed in the 3 of the inlay in the lower template 9 on the groove, The Groove design is 3. , the bevel realizes the accurate positioning of the movable inserts 3. Injection molding machine clamping, injection, holding pressure, cooling. Within this production cycle,Metal USB a set of molds is equipped with 2 active inserts 3 to complete the installation of inserts on another active insert. Open die, polyurethane elastomer 6 rebound, the active insert 3 top out of the groove, the active inserts 3 together with the workpiece and the flow channel condensate out, into another one has completed the nesting of movable inserts. Close the mold and make the next injection.

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