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How To Tell Original Samsung Battery Mobile Power Supply?

1, first of all, of course, is to look at the battery working ROM, original labels using printing technology, the side up to the light to see, color barcodes parts darker, labels clear textures, imitation of words are more fuzzy!

2, put the battery into the phone watch and cell phone after the match, the original battery and the fuselage seam very well, like a lot of times will appear obvious gaps, but also the colors basic and mobile phone there is no difference.

3, if you want to compare subtle discrimination, the trash can patterns depends on the label, right corner should be a small circle in the middle is a dot, is a fake battery.

4, s/n the middle of the "/" is made of tiny dots, fake batteries is a straight line.

5, appearance, a certain degree of roughness, but touch feel comfortable; table can be seen in the light with fine longitudinal scratches.

6, the last look, battery contact point has no scratches, slight scratching is normal, if the scratch is very serious, may be old batteries!

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