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Choose A Good Mobile Power, Travelers No Longer Have To Worry About Cell Phone Batteries

Mobile phones have become friends, and the world an inevitable way to communicate, especially when you're out, cell phones will be able to know how to communicate. Then go out when battery becomes very vexed question, so when most of his friends go out, they wear mobile power. Small numbered below introduce how to choose a good mobile power!

Preferred ultra thin mobile power. Easy to carry, choose small and ultra thin (this is a must) to figure 1 mobile power, for example, only 1.1 cm thick, weighs 79.9 grams, carrying very convenient. For power supply products, convenience is important, but safety is also important.

To identify mobile power batteries. Batteries on the market is generally divided into two types: lithium-polymer and 18650 lithium batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are generally flat shape, wrapped in aluminum foil-like material, recycling charge used around 1100 and 18650 lithium batteries are generally shaped like, 5th battery, recycling charge used around 1100.

Purchase volume. Filled with smart phones, select a capacity 5000 mAh enough. Worth noting is that we all don't get too high when buying mobile power capacity, because the larger, vendor technology and products have a higher work requirements, if faulty, can easily lead to some unexpected heat problems pose a security risk. On the current level of technology, mobile power capacity 5000 mAh or less are generally safe, and low price products for more than this specification there may have cut corners and capacity deficiency problem, it is best to buy carefully.

General mobile power conversion efficiency is around 85%, good 85-90% can be achieved, General phone charging efficiency is probably 90%, then switch wiring connector loss is typically 2%, so switch wiring connector for efficiency is 98%, the mobile power 5000MAH, will eventually be used by phone only: 5000*0.90*0.90*0.98=3969 Ma.

Choose the best voltage. Input voltage: 5V 1 a device: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Galaxy tab, mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP, digital cameras, GPS navigation systems and other products fast charge; input voltage 8-12V device: Tablet PCs, cameras, SLR cameras, etc; input voltage 12-24V equipment: such as laptop computers.

Select the smart, safe and well after the sale. Intelligent automatic recognition filled products, selects the best charging programme; security is protection board for portable power devices in the smart chip, anti-short circuit, over charge, over discharge, over-temperature and other security protection measures.

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