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Car Charger Small Power Consumption, Simple And Convenient, Inexpensive

Now many cars have Car Charger, which give us a great convenience of charging, but the use of improper will also cause some accidents, the car charger how to use it? How to use the car charger correctly?

How to use the car charger

1. In the car cigarette burner, insert USB Car charger, through the standard USB interface output DC voltage.

2. Voltage, electric current and other electronic design parameters fully comply with the PDA cell phone standards, will not damage your beloved machine.

3. USB cable can be used for $literal, mobile phones, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products power, charge.

Today, the smart phone has become a standard staffing, and with the development of car interconnection technology in recent years, mobile phone and car links more and more closely, Car Charger came into being, and quickly spread. However, due to the uneven quality of the products, and most of the owners used improperly to the vehicle damage.

The car charger works by converting the 12 volt voltage of the cigarette burner socket into a 5 volt USB voltage and charging the electronic product through the charging line. Generally speaking, the car charger is 12 volts (Sedan 12 kv, truck 24 kv) DC power conversion into 5 to 20 volts of direct current for mobile device charging, its characteristics of small power consumption, simple and convenient, inexpensive.

A few points to pay attention to when using car charger:

First, do not insert the car before the start of the car, in order to prevent the vehicle start-up voltage damage vehicle charge;

Second, car owners in the use of Car Charger, do not use strong chemical products, cleaning agents, powerful detergent cleaning charger, this will seriously damage the function of the car charger;

Third, in particular to pay attention to the use of the car charger do not throw, landing, banging or shaking the charger, and when the summer vehicle is stagnant and the car temperature more than 45 ℃ time do not use the charger, this will seriously damage the car charger inside the circuit board;

Four, Car Charger as one of the electronic products, car owners in the use of the process, should pay attention to not because of careless water or long time without exposure in the humid environment, so that the internal components of the electronics will cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation;

The car charger should be unplugged after the vehicle is flameout.

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