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Car Charger Simple And Inexpensive To Use

Car Charger as a digital product charging accessories, not only to save battery overhead, but also easy to use, the price is very cheap, it is favored by the vast number of car owners, but is such a convenient and practical small parts, if used improperly, may also bring damage to the car, or even lead to spontaneous combustion. What should I pay attention to when using a car charger?

1, do not insert the car before the start of the car charging, in order to avoid the vehicle start-up voltage damage car charge.

2, do not use strong chemical products, cleaning agents, powerful detergent cleaning charger. Because this will seriously damage the function of the car charger.

3, the use process, should be careful not because careless water, or for a long time when not exposed to damp air. When the temperature in the car is too high, try not to use it.

The car charger should be unplugged after the vehicle is flameout. Although 80% of the vehicles were pulled out of the key after the cigarette was stopped, a portion of the car's cigarette-lit device continued to power up.

Although the correct use of car chargers is very important, but if the use of the charger is a poor product, the result is difficult to see, below to find out how to buy car chargers.

How to use the car charger

1. In the car cigarette burner, insert USB Car charger, through the standard USB interface output DC voltage.

2. Voltage, electric current and other electronic design parameters fully comply with the PDA cell phone standards, will not damage your beloved machine.

3. USB cable can be used for $literal, mobile phones, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products power, charge.

Precautions for use in car charger

1, the car is not suitable for use at high temperature, especially when the summer car temperature is too high (generally more than 45 ℃) to remember to unplug the car, in addition to the normal use to try to avoid knocking, throwing, shaking car charge, or easily damaged internal circuit board.

2, do not use the vehicle engine before the start of the car charging, otherwise the start-up voltage may be injured and car filling.

3, some potent cleaning agents, chemical products will cause serious damage to the car, so if the cleaning must be paid attention to.

4, the vehicle after the flameout to remember to unplug the car, although now a lot of vehicles in the cigarette smoke device after the key will stop the power supply, but still a lot of cars are continuing to power.

5, the car should also avoid water, or long time placed in the humid environment, or internal components easily oxidized corrosion.

In life, sometimes we will encounter the problem of automobile engine oil leakage, which is one of the common faults of automobiles, what about the engine leaking oil?

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