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Car Charger Reliable Brand Quality Is Guaranteed

Is the car charger safe? Car mobile phone charger has been one of the essential items of the owners of friends, especially in 2009 to iPhone as the representative of the smart phone after the sale, due to the battery's own technical bottlenecks, full of mobile phone frequently used may not last long, When the role of car charger immediately reflected. Here to introduce the safety of car charger and car charger to buy the method

 Car charger hazards

The current cottage car over the market, so not only easily lead to short circuit phenomenon, serious cases and even lead to cell phone or car spontaneous combustion, therefore, buy car charger must be careful again and again.

1, excessive car charger to hurt the phone

The principle of car charger is to convert the voltage into 5V output to the digital product charge, as long as the voltage and current does not exceed the standard, the damage is basically equal to zero. When using the car charging, it is best to start the car, let the phone charge. Because the vehicle starts instantly, will produce excessive current, may cause impact on the phone.

2, poor quality car charger damage the battery

Car charger, that is, with the cigarette lighter cigarette lighter as a power outlet, and this socket has a fuse, when the current overload to withstand the range, the fuse will immediately fuse, play a protective role, so the car battery Will not cause much impact, of course, the premise is the car charger is not inferior. It is best to start the car after the engine to start charging, otherwise the car ignition, the car battery voltage will affect the charging effect, and even damage the car charger.

In the state of the flame to pay attention to the battery do not over-discharge, such as do not turn off the lights in the state. In addition, the car off the car after some owners may not remember to pull out the car, although the car charger has no current output at the moment, the loss of electricity is not enough to worry about, but a long time, then the car will still cause a loss A certain impact, so we have the best after the completion of the charge or can be developed in time to remove the car charger the habit.

Car Charger Selection Guide

1, to clear their own car cigarette lighter output voltage

Car output voltage of 12V, the truck is 24V, general general-purpose car charger (12V) most apply to the car, if it is other models need to select the corresponding voltage standard. Now there are a lot of car charger has been able to do 12V-24V standard, that is, all models are applicable.

2, to understand the car charger automatic protection

Car charger whether over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short circuit protection and other functions, the shell is best to use ABS flame retardant environmentally friendly materials, both to prevent foreign burning and beautiful, hand touch without leaving fingerprints.

3, pay attention to voltage and current size

Optional car charger, pay attention to the size of the equipment and the current equipment, tablet PCs, mobile power are mostly 5V / 2A. Dual USB interface car charger If the phone and tablet computer at the same time to charge, the total current of the car charger at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed is not only a substantial decline, but also excessive heat or even bad equipment.

4, to understand the total current of the purchased charger is how much

General formal products will be marked on the charger output current is how much A, if you have purchased the charger to charge the phone + Tablet PC is not only slow and heat, that is, the current is not up to standard.

5, choose a reliable brand

Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, use it is also assured that the truth is not necessary to say that. Although the price is generally cheaper than the poor car charger, but if the cheap, the quality of a problem, it is certainly no complaints. In addition, in order to avoid scrambling to charge and "fight", it is best to choose at least two USB interface car charger.

How to use the car charger

1, the car head straight into the bottom of the cigarette lighter, through the standard USB interface output DC. PS: As the cigarette lighter has two pieces of spring to fix the cigarette butts, so when the car charger into the cigarette lighter should be inserted from the track next to the spring, and can not be inserted against the spring, otherwise the cigarette lighter and car Filling into damage.

2, check the voltage, current and other electronic design parameters in full compliance with product specifications.

3, connected to the USB data cable for mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital equipment charging. PS: before connecting the device, pay attention to the car charger output current, some car charger does not support the Tablet PC charging current.


As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside. Car charger socket front design has a fuse, when the power exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role. Note: You must be charged after the car engine is started. On the car phone charger, please note the following:

1, do not use the car charger in a humid environment, and do not store in a humid environment.

2, the use of the appropriate temperature of 0 ~ 45 ℃.

3, away from children.

4, to avoid contact with the metal, to prevent short circuit.

5, complete the charge after the timely pull out the charger.

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