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Car Charger Overcurrent Protection Function

For a car owners, the car put a car charger, simply and then convenient ... ...

But things out on this little car charger ... ...

Mobile phone charging, the use of car vacuum cleaners, are inseparable from the car charger. But often the owner encountered car charger smoke, cigarette lighter was burned, and even the car "fuse" was burned.

How to choose safe and easy to use car charger?

Now the phone's screen is getting bigger and bigger, can listen to songs to navigation, but more electricity, need to charge at any time; serious weather pollution, the car often dust, many owners own car vacuum cleaner, these are inseparable Car Charger. But how to choose car charger?

First, the performance test

China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Electronic Product Safety Standards Working Group Secretary, security engineer Liu Yunzhu introduction, the general car cigarette lighter socket output voltage is about 12V, car charger to convert the voltage into 5V output, to charge electronic products.

The rated output of the car charger determines the type of product it can charge. In addition, a number of output ports of the car charger can also charge a number of different products at the same time. But some manufacturers may be in the car charger on the virtual standard output.

Of the seven samples, six have two interfaces, three are labeled on the interface, one is labeled 2.1A and one is labeled 1A. A sample of two interfaces is labeled 1A, and a sample with 3 interfaces is also labeled 1A. The sample is connected to two test equipment, a simulated cigarette lighter socket, the output voltage of 12V; another analog electronic products, while the instrument can output current, voltage measurement.

Second, the safety test

6 samples do not use flame retardant materials

Of the 7 samples, one was a metal shell and six were plastic shells.

The engineers put the six samples of the shell into the combustion chamber for combustion test. Six samples were quickly ignited and burned until burned.

Car charger after the failure, the most likely situation is the fire. Therefore, the car charger should have a certain flame retardant performance.

Flame retardant performance if not up to the internal components in the event of failure or overload caused by fire, the flame will ignite the car charger shell, and spread to the car, igniting the car items, a serious threat to personal and property safety.

Remind consumers:

1. The current car charger does not force the national or industry standards, it is recommended that consumers choose well-known brands of products. "Although the price is higher, but the corresponding quality will be more secure."

2. To buy car charger, to understand whether there is over-current protection, shell flame retardant is to meet the requirements.

3. Whether the product packaging is printed with production standards and factory name, etc., do not buy three no products.

4. Try to avoid the purchase of small car charger, these products may not have over-current protection device. A good car charger should have a fuse (fuse), when the current is too large, the fuse will immediately fuse, play a protective role.

5. Suggest the owners do not blindly pursue high current, multi-interface, multi-function and charging speed, excessive current failure may have a greater risk.

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