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Car Charger Correct Use Of The Method

Driving the friends are not never worry about the phone no electricity problem, because you can use car charger Yeah, but you really will use car charger?

Car charger how to use

1. The car engine can only be charged after the start

Owners in the use of car charger must wait until the engine starts and then use the car charger, because if the car starts when using the car charger, the starting voltage will damage the car charger.

2. Do not use a strong cleaning agent to clean the charger

A strong cleaning agent can cause serious damage to the charger.

3. Car charger can not be placed in the wet air for a long time

Car charger for electronic products, use be careful, not water. If placed in a humid air for a long time will cause the internal components of the car charger to cause oxidation or corrosion.

4. When the temperature is too high should not use car charger

Summer high temperature, the car will be placed in the long-term outdoor temperature inside the car, when the car temperature reaches 45 degrees or more should not use the car charger.

5. After the car is turned off, remove the car charger

There are some car cigarette lighter is a continuous power supply, so when the vehicle is turned off to remember to remove the car charger.

6. Keep away from children

Car charger for electronic products, including internal components, should be removed

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