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Bluetooth Speaker The Sound Effects Are Directly Related To The Use Of The Occasion

The Bluetooth Speaker is actually an audible sound that converts an audio power signal within a range through a transducer (speaker unit) and converts it into an audible sound with a sufficient sound pressure level. In order to correctly select the Bluetooth Speaker, you must first understand the sound signal properties, and then asked the speaker to "authentic" to the audio signal into a realistic natural sound.

Vocal and various music is a random signal, the waveform is very complex. Audible sound frequency range is generally up to 20Hz-20kHz; where the language spectrum range of about 150Hz-4kHz or so; and a variety of music spectrum range up to 40Hz-18kHz or so. The average spectrum of the energy distribution: bass and bass part of the largest, followed by the treble part of the treble part of the smallest (about half of the bass part of the energy); human voice is mainly concentrated in the 200Hz-3.5kHz frequency range. The peak of these audible random signal amplitudes is about 10-15 dB (or even higher) than their average. So the speakers should be able to correctly reproduce these random signals, to ensure that the playback sound quality beautiful, the speaker must have a wide frequency response characteristics, adequate sound pressure level and large signal dynamic range.

We would like to use a relatively small signal power input to obtain a sufficiently large sound pressure level, which requires the Bluetooth Speaker to have a high efficiency of converting the electrical power into the sound pressure sensitivity. Also requires the speaker system in the case of an adequate overload of the input signal, will not be damaged, that is, to have a higher reliability.

The Bluetooth Speaker system has many technical features that are directly related to the effects and use of the sound, and the user must understand them in order to use these technical features.

Audio signal spectrum range is very wide, the 20Hz-20kHz signal to use a speaker unit is unable to meet the entire frequency response; the general 12-inch large-caliber speaker unit, bass characteristics are good, not much distortion, but more than 1.5kHz signal, its performance is very poor; 1-2 inch tweeter unit (treble compression drive) to reproduce more than 3kHz signal performance is good, but can not play the midrange and bass signal.

So there will be a variety of frequency response characteristics of the unit composed of the speaker system, by the bass (including bass) and treble (including the treble) composed of two units called two-way speaker system, by the bass, midrange and treble three The unit consists of three-way system.

Two-way speaker system is simple, the cost is relatively low, in order to solve the lack of this midrange frequency, so some manufacturers have used a method of folding failure, that is, in the frequency network on the subwoofer frequency response characteristics up, The tweeter waits for the frequency characteristics to move down. Another problem is that the frequency of the crossover crossover can only be set between 500 Hz and 2 kHz, which is an important part of the vocal and music spectrum. So in the hearing people left a "hole" and hear the distortion.

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