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Bluetooth Speaker Requires The Quality To Be Light Enough

1, the structure of the Bluetooth Speaker

There are many types of Bluetooth Speakers, but the basic working principle is similar, are a kind of electrical signal is converted to sound signal for playback components. At present the most widely used is the electric Bluetooth Speaker, which consists of diaphragm, voice coil, permanent magnet, bracket and other components.

2, the working principle of the Bluetooth Speaker

When the voice coil of the Bluetooth Speaker into the audio current after the voice coil in the role of the current will produce alternating magnetic field, the permanent magnet also produces a constant size and direction of the constant magnetic field. Since the size and direction of the magnetic field generated by the voice coil are constantly changing with the change of the audio current, the interaction of the two magnetic fields causes the voice coil to move perpendicularly to the direction of the current in the voice coil. Since the voice coil and the diaphragm are connected The vibration of the vibrating diaphragm is generated, and the vibration of the air is caused by the vibrating diaphragm vibration. When the input voice coil current is greater, the greater the force of its magnetic field, vibration diaphragm vibration amplitude is greater, the sound is more loud. The loudBluetooth Speaker part of the loudBluetooth Speaker is mainly in the center of the diaphragm, and when the center of the loudBluetooth Speaker diaphragm is harder, the sound effect of the loudBluetooth Speaker is better. The loudBluetooth Speaker is part of the bass that is mainly on the edge of the diaphragm. If the edge of the vibrator diaphragm is soft and the paper bowl is larger, the loudBluetooth Speaker sounds better. In addition, the dome Bluetooth Speakers in the market in a few days ago to use a lot of Bluetooth Speakers. As we all know, the tweeter because of its high frequency of operation, in the playback of the treble when the diaphragm will be permanent magnet in the magnetic field air gap for high-speed movement, so the tweeter Bluetooth Speaker diaphragm to the transient high-frequency signal Make a quick response. And can withstand high-speed movement of the air pressure, so the production of materials for the diaphragm requires the quality of light, and to have sufficient strength.

1. Test the quality of the low frequency

Poor Bluetooth Speakers produced by the low frequency can be: deaf ears, but completely the kind of bloated and loose, lack of layering and strong sense; good low frequency should be clean and bright, structured, not dragging the water, innocent people like , Even if the various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitar and piano bass, can easily distinguish. So do not easily be low-frequency sense of the amount of deceived, poor low-frequency sound as a natural sound comfortable.

2. Test the frequency of the human voice

Vocals are the most often heard the sound, the pros and cons is not difficult to detect, pay attention to whether there are unusual human voice or was the voice of the voice of the mouth. Some of the Bluetooth Speaker "box sound" will also greatly interfere with the frequency, so that the band of voice blurred. IF sound is more severe than other frequency phonograms because most of the audible sound frequencies, or the frequency of the music, are concentrated in the mid-range, which is almost replayable for all types of music The obstacles.

3. Test the flexibility of high frequency

Poor high-frequency is the ear of the ear, hear the headache to crack, and extreme circumstances the violin or soprano sound into the sharp noise of the brakes. The same, the treble in the different instrumental music produced by the different texture, good treble is able to distinguish out. And then the merits of a high frequency can even make people from two different years to distinguish between different wood played by different phonological. The most easy to master is the good treble is not back to listen to daunting, the pores erect, it will not be more and more tired, and it is tough and flexible, smooth and level, High to the highest point can still be easily heard but will not produce sound.

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