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Bluetooth Speaker It Is Very Convenient To Use

In recent years, the Bluetooth Speaker swept the world. It is not only a good tool for business people to improve efficiency, but also a good partner for sports movement.However, Bluetooth Speaker built-in precision small parts operation and maintenance will cause irreversible damage to the headset. Thus affecting the service life in order to avoid the occurrence of these situations.There are some use of the headset and conservation tips we need to know to use:

1, it is best not to sleep when wearing a Bluetooth Speaker. Many people like to sleep before going to the song hypnosis, which easily lead to Bluetooth Speaker wire twist together, more serious is led to the Bluetooth Speaker shell was crushed by the body.

2, the best before the use of small volume. Just turn on the machine, if the headset volume is too large, it is easy to lead to headphone horn diaphragm damage, thus affecting the sound quality of the headset, serious will destroy the speaker copper coil.

3, Bluetooth Speaker should stay away from strong magnetic environment. Headphones speakers have magnetic components, used in the strong magnetic environment for a long time, will affect the performance of magnetic headphones speaker magnetic components, thereby reducing the sensitivity of the headphones sound unit!

4, Bluetooth Speaker to avoid the use of wet environments. Bluetooth Speaker built-in components in the wet environment for a long time, prone to corrosion phenomenon, thus affecting the life of the headset.


1, try to avoid use in the external cold environment. Winter cold, the ear is more hard and brittle, excessive bending is easy to break the headset outside the shell.

2, away from chemicals. Bluetooth Speaker shells are generally used in the paint process, and paint easy to dissolve in acidic chemicals, so the headset accidentally touch the acidic chemicals, easy to lead to the headset shell paint, fade.

3, after the need to timely wipe the surface of the headphones sweat and other things secreted by the human body. The body secrete sweat and grease, if not wiped out, it is easy to penetrate from the head of the gap, which eroded the internal components of the headset, and these secretions also lead to wire aging.

4, regular cleaning, the use of Bluetooth Speaker for a long time, dust and perspiration and other dirty things will gather in the headphones on the surface and the gap, it is necessary to use neutral soapy water and soft and toothbrush and other tools to clean them, for those Stains are not easy to remove the site, you can use a cotton swab or toothpick to clean.

5, try to avoid touch with the sharp objects and friction. Bluetooth Speaker shells are generally made of engineering plastic material, and the surface are generally used in the rubber oil process, electroplating / vacuum plating and other processes, headphones and sharp objects touch and friction can easily lead to the surface of the shell or paint Marks, thus affecting the appearance of the headset.

6, charging time should not be too long and do not use other charger charging. Charging is best not to exceed 10 hours, overcharge affect the battery life. Moreover, the Bluetooth Speaker has a standard charger, some people lost the charger after the other charger with the charge, it is easy to cause the battery explosion, pay attention.

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