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Car Charger Automatic Protection Function

Car Charger as a digital product charging accessories, not only help to save battery costs, and the use of simple and convenient, the price is very cheap, so much favored by the majority of owners, but it is such a convenient and practical small parts, if used improperly, May also cause damage to the car, and even lead to spontaneous combustion of the car. What should you watch when using the Car Charger?

1, do not insert the car before the start of the car, so as to avoid the vehicle when the voltage damage Car Charger.

2, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergent cleaning charger. Because it will seriously damage the Car Charger function.

3, the use of the process, we should pay attention not because of careless water, or prolonged when not exposed to the humid air. When the car temperature is too high, also try not to use.

After the vehicle is turned off, the Car Charger should be unplugged. Although 80% of the vehicles are the vehicle after the removal of the key cigarette lighter to stop power supply, but there are some car cigarette lighter is continuous power supply.

Although the use of Car Charger is very important, but if the use of the charger is inferior products, the results are hard to say, the following look at how to buy Car Charger.

1, selected well-known brands

This we all know that the brand is guaranteed, but also let us use the rest assured. Although the price is generally cheaper than some of the five poor Car Charger products, but if the greedy cheap, the quality of a problem, it is certainly no complaints.

2, identify genuine

General box above are genuine verification code or bar code. We can query or scan the bar code through the phone to view the relevant parameters and brand identity to identify genuine Car Charger.

3, see the relevant parameters

We have to check this Car Charger and digital products for the relevant parameters, we generally use the digital products marked voltage, Car Charger voltage is applicable. However, it should be noted that can not use low-power Car Charger to high-power digital products (notebook computers) charge, it will cause power overload, burn electrical and fuse.

4, to understand the automatic protection function

Car Charger whether over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short circuit and other functions, and even now the market has a unique language control function of the car inverter, and can achieve intelligent and manual control function, more effective The protection of car fuses and digital products.

Now a lot of cars have Car Charger, which gives us a great convenience to charge, but the use of improper will cause some accidents, that Car Charger how to use it? Car Charger the correct use of what?

How to use the Car Charger

1. In the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB car head, through the standard USB interface output DC voltage.

2. Voltage, current and other electronic design parameters in full compliance with the pda mobile phone standard, will not damage your favorite machine.

3. USB data cable connected to the MP3 / MP4, mobile phones, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products, power, charging.

Car Charger Usage Precautions

1, the car charge should not be used at high temperatures, especially when the summer car temperature is too high (usually more than 45 ℃) to remember to remove the Car Charger, while the usual use should also try to avoid random beat, throw, shock Car Charger , Or easy to damage the internal circuit board.

2, do not plug in the vehicle before the start of the Car Charger, or start the voltage may hurt the Car Charger.

3, some strong cleaning agents, chemical products will cause serious damage to the Car Charger damage, so if the cleaning must pay attention.

4, the vehicle after the flame to remember to pull out the car, although now many vehicles cigarette lighter in the pull out the key will stop power supply, but there are still many cars are continuous power supply.

5, Car Charger should also avoid water, or a long time placed in a humid environment, otherwise the internal components easy to oxidize corrosion

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