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Bluetooth Speaker Give People A Pleasant Feeling

Bluetooth Speaker Endurance has been a problem, and recently, well-known peripherals manufacturers Etschon launched a solar Bluetooth speakers, so that users do not have to worry about the speaker will suddenly no electricity. Even better, Etschon's new products can be recharged to mobile phones.

This loudspeaker belongs to the Etschon SOULRA series. As the name shows, this is the a designed for outdoor use of loudspeakers, it has a IPX-4 protection rating, can withstand liquid splash and 1 meters of water immersion. The solar panel will not only power the battery, but also charge the built-in batteries, which can be filled with 8 hours of playback time. So even if it rains or falls in the evening, the user can still enjoy the music.

In addition, the fuselage also comes with a USB interface that can be used to recharge the user's mobile device, which makes it a portable solar charger.

Connect all kinds of wiring, and computer with USB to connect, it can be used. Because the sound card is built in, the cost of a high quality sound card is also saved for the user. According to the engineer of the focal XS, this is to directly obtain the digital signal in the computer,Bluetooth Speaker reduce the connection analog sound card signal is not pure and attenuation problem.

Heavy bass speaker is heavier, the back of the built-in amplifier, will be relatively hot. The front is just a big-caliber bass speaker. Externally, the bass unit is also the same as the desktop treble unit of the design. The whole is very harmonious.

First of all, the initial feeling is that the wall behind the monitor recessed a hole, the sound field is not in front of the wall, but behind the wall formed. Its sound field is very flat, please note that the sound field here is not the effect of stereo. is a sense of space. The two-top treble units of Bose C5 are arc-mounted, with two treble units pointing in different directions, rather than pointing to a plane. This is the mini version of Bose's so-called direct/reflective speaker. The basic theory and design criteria of Bose are embodied here. Use the reflection sound of the wall to achieve the real world of sound source omni-direction launch,Bluetooth Speaker in order to achieve the experience of telepresence. It is further understood that one of the two tweeter units outward may be used to emit the sound of the rear of the 5.1 channel, the surround speaker, and the walls of the two sides reflecting back to the listener.

This stereo built-in 5.1-channel decoder, and Bose Truespace surround digital processing system, coupled with the proliferation of the desktop treble unit, indeed can increase a certain sense of telepresence, the sound field is more open, the space sense than the average speaker stronger.

In terms of sound quality, Bose's own special electronic processing circuitry is balanced to ensure that all Bose products maintain a certain sound quality, which is what we call a Bose sound. The fullness and impact of the bass is certainly not to be doubted. Although Bose Musicmonitor has his famous double resonant diaphragm to boost bass performance (in fact, passive Acoustimass), it has achieved a very convincing effect. Low frequency is also very good enough.

Acoustimass Low speaker can be hidden, do not occupy space,Bluetooth Speaker it is necessary to note that the bass unit on both sides of the wall in the corner, to ensure that the bass on the hard face of the effective reflection to ensure the strong bass.

The Bose C5 is equipped with a small, Acoustimass low speaker to deliver a full, pure bass. And can be hidden, do not occupy any public space, to bring the best hearing enjoyment, while connecting to the computer through the USB port, without any complicated connection lines, easy to transfer digital format of multimedia content.

Supporting the perfect combination of platform and speaker,Bluetooth Speaker display is also very convenient. Controlled Pod Control Panel designed to allow you to manipulate all the functions of the speaker between the fingertips, directly connected to headphones and other audio playback devices on the desktop can do the best control.

Here I would like to say: "Do not meet the praise of other people's mouth" is not important, I feel comfortable is the most important. Good products stand the time and people's considerations, you may want to experience a plan.

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