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18650 Batteries In Mobile Power What Are The Characteristics? What Is 18650 Batteries?

16850 advantages are: mature technology, high capacity, is said to be one of the largest possible 3000mAh, if only cell theory, 18650 is there are certain security risks, exploding laptop batteries is the case a few years ago. (Note: the probability is very low, while protecting the Board chooses, it can effectively reduce security)

Soft package lithium-ion batteries are based on long thick with mathematical formulas to calculate capacity! greatest feature is can be any shape, so you can highlight. Mobile power of being currently on the market are basically are made of soft packages. His merits for the time being, and 18650 compared to lower security vulnerabilities, 18650 may burst, but soft bag the biggest problem is rising, burning.

In fact, that good, long-term, or soft wrap! of course I am not saying that exclusion of 16850, after all, the product for 10 years now, technology is very mature.

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